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Have the IT department you always wished you had.
As a small organization, you'll be more reliant every day on the power and flexibility offered by computers. From word processing to accounts, from email to stock management, PCs are being used in business like never before, and the technology has never been so accessible. But what happens when something goes wrong?

In many cases, computer faults can stop a workplace dead in its tracks. You will find that it is possible to do very little without your computers up and running. So you need to get the problem fixed. You need to restore your office or shop to full working order.

If the computer in question is new, you will find that it's probably still covered by the manufacturer's warranty. This means that you will probably have access to a premium rate helpline, staffed by people reading from a script, possibly with little or no technical experience. And you will probably need a different phone number for each piece of equipment you possess. For composite structures like your network there is no helpline.

When you call Nia Technologies, you can expect fast and efficient service. We will come to your workplace and help you restore your computer or network to running order again.
If you want to use us on a regular basis, we will carry out an audit of your IT stock and enter it into our Asset Management database. This means that if you have a problem with a particular machine or piece of equipment, you can call us and quote the tag number we have placed on it. From this we can instantly see which item you are referring to and what (if anything) we have done to it in the past. Using this system, we build up a detailed knowledge of your inventory and its capabilities. When you wish to upgrade a piece of equipment, we will prepare a specification for you and use this to obtain quotations to allow you to make a confident purchasing decision.

Here are a Few of the Things That We Do

Build computers (workstations & servers)
Build Servers in Windows 2000, 2003

2003 Small Business Server - a complete, lower cost server to workstation system
Computer system migrations (from NT to 2000 and 2003)

Computer Networks - and equipment for networking:

Wiring - to network all computer workstations together (peer to peer network)
HUBS (10/100) - passive connection points for computer systems where all network traffic flows through Switches (10/100/1000) - active connection points for computer systems network traffic, including gigabit technology for the fastest access possible
Routers - to route communications where they need to go (DSL, Broadband, RAS [remote access service])
DSL Routers - to route high speed Broadband Routers _ designed for high-speed cable internet access
VPN - Virtual Private Networks: encrypted private networks using and taking advantage of the internet Services: T3, T1, DSL, Broadband Cable, DSL, dialup

Install Computer upgrades:

Memory - adding more will increase program access speed and the number of programs that can remain open
Modems - for dialup internet access and faxing
Network cards - for network and internet access
Motherboards and CPU's - to increase speed, efficiency and computer program usage
Firewire - latest technology for computer and MPs interfacing
USB - these ports and hubs are used for printer and camera access
Soundcards - to fill you room with sound for computer and professional usage

Computer maintenance:

Software upgrades - installing and maintaining the latest versions of the software that you use operating system upgrades - go from Windows 95 or 98 to Windows XPInternet Explorer upgrades - downloads that make you internet surfing experience fast, safe and secure

Computer Backup Solutions:

Tape Backup
Hard-drive Backup solutions (internal and external hard-drives)
DVD Backup Solutions

Setup and complete all configurations.
Instruction on all hardware and software solutions

Website Design:

Informational - build a web advertisement your prospects and customers can go to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
ECommerce web applications – drive your customers to your “virtual store” where they can order products and services online even while you sleep.

Arrange for Domain Names - for an internet presence
Email addresses - using your domain name that will promote name recognition
Web hosting - a home where your website resides for everyone to access 24/7

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