Our Clients

We are not unique in what we do - we are unique in how we do it.

We know there are many companies that do what we do. But finding a company that also provides excellent service by responding to you quickly and takes the time to listen, and explains thing to you in terms you can understand, is another mater. We also know that everyone says their great and provide excellent service. So how do you find a quality IT company? Don't listen to them, in fact don't listen to us; you need to listen to the clients.

Just look at what some of our clients have said about us:

NIA Technologies has been committed to providing dependable precise service executed with a smile. It is a pleasure to work with their professionals.
Scott J. Brook, Esquire - Mayor of Coral Springs, FL

If there were two words to describe NIA Technologies, they would be service and competence. I have never dealt with a company more adept at providing service and competent service at that. They have been there for us to get us up and running after hurricanes, restored internet service after storms, kept our server healthy and our clients happy. Our office staff in fact refers to Dave Pressler as Uncle Dave because of his warm and lovely disposition, easygoing nature, and sure footed competence. He is just the kind of guy you would want as your uncle, friendly and always there for you. I cannot say enough nice things about them and NIA and I highly recommend them.
Gerald Gluck, Ph.D., LMFT, PA - Fellow, BCIA-EEG

I can’t thank David Pressler enough for saving my marriage, as well as my computer! As you know, Sandy and I routinely back-up our files onto a zip disc. I was in the process of doing that when I accidentally erased the zip. That in itself is not great but what I hadn’t realized was that instead of copying our files to the zip, I had moved them. This now became catastrophic! I no longer had our invoices, accounts receivable or any correspondence on our hard drive nor was it backed up anywhere. I guess you heard the panic in my voice because you came right over. Thankfully you were able to retrieve our files from god knows where, rename them and Sandy didn’t kill me. Business, as well as life, went on as usual. Thank you again, you’re a lifesaver.
Elizabeth Liebowitz - S&E Publishing, dba, Sharp Saver

NIA Technologies has truly been outstanding! Bob, David and their team help us whenever we have a computing and networking issues, someone is always there to answer the phone and address our issue. They are prompt, courteous and knowable. I am happy to recommend NIA Technologies for all your computing/networking needs.
John Milakovic - Broker/Owner, EXiT Realty Properties

As President and Owner of domestic as well as foreigner companies, it is not everyday that I take the time to acknowledge and thank a company and its personnel for going above and beyond the call of duty. Nia Technologies has done this on more occasions then I can count. This is a case of where old school service, service, service should never be forgotten and you guys seem to have not forgotten how important this is. Your company is efficient, professional, expedient and above all well informed. I do hope that as your company grows and I have no doubt it will that you will be able to maintain the level of service that has brought you to where you are! Thank you!!
Scott Alpert - Senior Partner, First Trust Mortgage


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